Deal of the Day: Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda $49


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Walmart has this for $49 plus tax

Legendary Yoda

  • Warrior Mode

    Yoda swings his glowing lightsaber as seven motors power never-before seen 360° movement! Send him on the attack, or follow along with his advanced lightsaber techniques.

    • Signature Green Light-up Lightsaber
    • Breakthrough Motorized Movement
    • Send Him on the Attack
    • Learn from the Greatest Lightsaber Warrior of All Time
    • Teaches Advanced Lightsaber Techniques
  • Force Mode

    Yoda really moves when you “use the force!” when the dark side threatens, Yoda’s hand lights up with a glowing “force blast.”

    • Really Moves When You “Use the Force”
    • Glowing “Force Blast” Hand
    • Iconic Quotes Teach You About the Force
  • Wisdom Mode

    While holding his cane, Yoda answers your questions and senses whether you’re strong in the force… or the dark side

    • Voice Recognition with Six Key Phrases
    • Answers Any Yes/No Question to Reveal Secrets and Wisdom From the Wisest Jedi of All-time
    • Dark Side Sensor
  • Authentic Collectible

    • Real Fabric Robe
    • Premium Latex Skin
    • Light-up Lightsaber
    • Full Interactivity
    • 115 Iconic Phrases
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